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Employee Testimonies


I used to have a problem with alcohol but thanks to the Durham Rescue Mission helping me to get back on the right path, I no longer have that problem. After completing the Victory Program I worked for the Thrift Store to help me get back in the work force, then through Temps to the Rescue I was offered a temp position with the Durham County Fire Marshall’s Office. After working as a temp for 6 months I was offered a permanent position. Thank you Durham Rescue Mission and Temps to the Rescue but most of all thank you Lord.


Temps to the Rescue was a wonderful opportunity to get me back into the work force after my chosen lifestyle that lessened my chance to get hired. They opened up opportunities that I would not have had if I had tried to do it on my own. I was able to work as a temp through Temps to the Rescue as a Staff Assistant 1 in the Durham County Manager’s office which opened up an opportunity to be hired on as a full time county employee. Since then and through God’s grace and mercy, I have been promoted as a Tax Assistant in the Durham County Tax office. I am very grateful for Temps to the Rescue.


After graduating the Durham Rescue Mission Victory Program I worked for Temps to the Rescue. Marcus Deese, the Temps to the Rescue director, approached me, in October 2013, about working at Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Company. Through the Temps’ service I worked at Coca-Cola for 5 months and after that period I was hired full time on March 19, 2014. All of this is truly a blessing from the Lord!